Cutting the Cable

In February 2015, we decided to cancel our AT&T Uverse Television service. For many years we had been unhappy with the cost and poor quality of their High Definition television service. Below are some equipment we are using and websites that helped us make the transition.


We are using a television antenna in the attic of our home to get local TV broadcast that is much clearer then what we had been receiving. We use a Channel Master CM-7500TB1 DVR+ to record and replay our favorite TV programs. In addition to the broadcast television we use a Roku 3 streaming device to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Showtime, PBS and other content over the internet.


  • We are saving $150/month
  • We  get crystal clear HDTV
  • We can record and playback TV Shows using the Channel Master DVR
  • We can watch movies at home (Similar to On Demand)
  • No more yearly phone call to AT&T to threaten to cancel our service to receive discounted service


  • Occasionally we are unable to watch a cable show that we are interested in
  • Our content is not in one place. ie: we may have to look on Channel Master, or Search Roku to find a movie or show
  • Upfront investment in equipment (Antenna, Channel Master, Roku)
  • No service technician to set it all up

TV Antenna

With a good HDTV antenna you can still watch live sport events, news, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS and NBC. To find which TV Antenna I needed I used the Antenna Web website. Simply enter your zip code and address and the website will tell you what TV Stations are available and most importantly what Antenna you’ll need to receive them. In sort we decided we needed a Medium directional with pre-amp antenna. We chose the Xtreme Signal HD Horizon Flat HDTV Amplified Indoor/Outdoor TV Antenna (HDHORIZONX10) available from Amazon for $89.99.

Channel Master DVR+

We really enjoy the convenience of recording TV Series and watching them on our schedule. To record broadcast television (ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, NBC and more) we found the Channel Master DVR+ for $249 or $399. We opted for the $399 model because it offered 1TB of storage vs 16GB.  However an external hard drive can be attached to both models to increase the storage capacity. With the Channel Master DVR+ we can simply record our favorite shows and watch them as we used to do with the Uverse equipment.


By now everyone has probably heard of Netflix, and Streaming. We initially started using the Netflix app on our TV. However we found it was fairly limited. We wanted to expand our selection of Streaming channels (HBO, Showtime, HGTV, Amazon Prime) and chose the Roku 3 for $99.99. We had considered the Roku Streaming Stick $49.99, but had read some reviews that it was slow and sluggish. The Roku 3 remote also come with headphones, should you wish to watch wile your spouse is sleeping. Additionally the Roku can be controlled with your phone (via an APP). This device now makes it very easy to search all of our Streaming Channels for a particular program, movie or actor.

Final Summary

There was a learning curve in getting started with this project. There are three major benefits we have enjoyed. First we are now saving $150+ a month. Second, broadcast television reception is AMAZING! Live sporting events are phenomenal to watch, think no more blurred movements, no fuzzy wording it is really incredible how much better broadcast television is compared to what we were getting from AT&T Uverse. Third we have really enjoyed catching up on shows that have become hits. Often it’s difficult to know which series is going to become popular. With Netflix and Amazon Prime, we can watch the series from the beginning and catch up.