Weather Condition Icons

As part of the multiple changes I have planned, a weather condition icon has been added to the upper right hand corner of the page to indicate the current weather conditions. Sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, etc. I just notice that I forgot to make the rain icons live. We’ve been in a drought ya know and I’ve only got so much free time. Guess those are next on my list, since we’ve got almost an inch of rain today!

Some minor site changes Live today

Just wanted to announce a few changes that went live today.

  • The most major change is I’ve implemented AJAX and JQuery to automatically update the weather readings every minute! No more 15 minute refresh! Woohoo!
  • I’ve updated a couple of the graphics on the website. Some of the images were grainy and needed some touch-up.

These are the start of a series of major changes that will be coming in 2012. Some upcoming notable changes include a new theme, and a Mobile website!